Bachelor of Arts or Science in Theatre

Vision: Graduates will possess the intellectual, creative, and technical skills to self-produce in the modern entertainment industry. Writing, analysis, visual awareness, history of storytelling, and performance will be the foundation for student success in the dramatic medium.

Mission: Graduates will be able to perform; understand the nature of the professional world for which they are preparing to enter; and to have knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature.

Curriculum: The Department of Theatre at Eastern New Mexico University presents plays and educates its performers and theatre personnel to become professionals.

Theatre majors must meet all requirements outlined in the Departmental Handbook. All students are required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.50 along with a 3.00 GPA in all departmental courses taken. Consistent with university policy, a "D" grade will not count in the student's major or minor programs. A minimum 2.5 GPA, after the first semester, is required for participation in all departmental productions including work in film.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Bachelor of Science (BS)

Major: Theatre

General Education Requirements (41 hours)
Theatre Core Requirements (54 Hours)
Electives to complete a minimum of 128 hours

Note: This is a composite major and does not require a minor.

Theatre Core Requirements
Course Credits
ART 135 Design I 3
ART 370 History of Dress and D├ęcor 3
COMM 110 Beginning Television Production 3
DFM 110 Location Shooting for the Edit 3
DFM 115 Dramatic Analysis 3
THTR 101 Introduction to Performance 3
THTR 102 Voice and Movement 3
THTR 201 Costume Construction 3
THTR 202 Acting for the Camera I 3
THTR 204 Stagecraft and Graphics 3
THTR 213 Theatre History I 3
THTR 214 Theatre History II 3
THTR 301 Intermediate Acting 3
THTR 302 Writing for the Dramatic Medium 3
THTR 303 Directing Actors 3
THTR 402 Open Lab 3
THTR 404 Acting for the Camera II 3
THTR 410 The Business of Show Business 3


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