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ENMU Student Radio (HoundWaves)

The Department of Communication is now operating a brand new student-run radio station, housed in the Communication Center, where students across campus can host original music, community, and talk programming. The station is currently broadcasting. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, contact the advisor Dr. Roger Davis Gatchet.

If you would like to get involved with the station as an on-air DJ for Summer 2014, please complete an application. We accept new show applications at any time, but in order to receive priority consideration for a Summer time slot, applications must be submitted by Friday, May 16. Apply here!

To listen to the live broadcast via Flash player, please click on the player below. Or, you can listen with your default music player.

Click here for our current program schedule.


Radio Drama: Theater of the Mind

Long before television took the world by storm families gathered around their radios to listen to all-acoustic dramatic programs known as radio dramas. The Department of Communication is reviving the glory days of old-time radio dramas such as The Shadow, Dick Tracy, and Orson Welles's infamous The War of the Worlds with our new Theater of the Mind series. Created and directed by Dr. James Lee, these all-original productions offer an opportunity for both students and faculty from across the university to participate as voice actors, sound effects specialists, and production engineers. With radio drama, the costume always fits. The first production in this series, the sinister Halloween-themed drama Tick, Tick, premiered during the Fall 2012 semester and was featured in an article in the Portales News-Tribune. See the link below to listen to the audio stream. For more information on how you can get involved with our next production, contact Dr. Lee. Click to listen to streaming audio for all our radio drama productions.

To purchase a copy of a Theater of the Mind production on CD (in broadcast-quality WAV format) that is suitable for personal, educational, or professional broadcast use, send a check or money order made out to "Department of Communication/Theater of the Mind" for $10 (this price includes shipping and handling) to the following address:

Department of Communication/Theater of the Mind

Attention: Roger Gatchet
ENMU Station 27
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130

Be sure to include a note that specifies your name, the mailing address you'd like the CD shipped to, and the title of the specific production you want. All proceeds from CD sales go directly to Theater of the Mind to support the production of future radio dramas.

Will Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On Here?

Click to listen to our latest original radio drama, Will Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On Here?