Broadcast Journalism

The medium is the message.

So wrote the great mass communication scholar Marshall McLuhan in 1964. This pithy observation—that the mediums through which we communicate shape the content of the messages transmitted through them—still holds true today. With a major in Broadcast Journalism from Eastern New Mexico University, you will receive both the theoretical and skill-based training you need to excel in the exciting field of broadcasting.

This dynamic, hands-on major is one of our flagship programs in the Department of Communication. Much like with traditional print journalism, the field of broadcasting has undergone a number of shifts during the past century, from the birth of radio and television broadcast networks in the first half of the 1900s to the more recent explosion in digital and Internet technology.

Students majoring in Broadcast Journalism learn core skills that all broadcast journalists need to work in radio and television, and receive additional training to prepare them for new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for this dynamic field. Our program is unique in comparison to other broadcasting programs throughout the state and region in that students have the opportunity to work with professional studio equipment—both in front of the camera and as behind-the-scenes producers or directors—during their very first semester of coursework. Students receive hands-on experience as anchors, writers, directors, and producers for the televised student news broadcast News 3 New Mexico on KENW-TV, which reaches an extensive audience throughout Eastern New Mexico and West Texas. Additional opportunities exist with KENW-FM, the National Public Radio affiliate on ENMU’s campus, as well as Hound Waves, the university’s student-run radio station.

Courses include:
Introduction to Mass Communication
Applied Writing for Media
TV Field Reporting
Broadcast Journalism
Beginning and Intermediate Television Production
Web Design
Media Ethics

Career opportunities in Broadcast Journalism
News anchor
Talk show host or DJ
News director
Weather announcer
Technical director

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