Two-Year Art Foundation Program

The foundation program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the visual arts. This two-year foundation introduces students to techniques, methods, and concepts common to the creative disciplines. It aims to develop visual literacy and encourage artistic perception.

Through this introduction to a variety of ideas and techniques, with materials in design, drawing, computers and photography, students appreciate the complexity of the creative process and learn to articulate their personal aesthetic. They investigate the differences between wet and dry media, additive and subtractive processes, two- and three-dimensional forms, and the relationship between ideas and materials. Formal concerns such as line, shape, color, value, texture, scale and composition are explored.

Associate of Arts - Art Course Requirements - 33 Hours.

Course Credits
ART 101 Beginning Drawing 3
ART 135 Design I 3
ART 135 Design II 3
ART 137 Drawing II 3
ART 142 Digital Media I 3
ART 143 Digital Media II 3
ART 165 Art History I 3
ART 166 Art History II 3
ART 210 Photography 3
ART 231 Ceramics OR ART 271 Jewelry 3
ART 334 Painting I 3

Notes: student will also need to complete Associates Degree requirements and Gen. Ed. courses.